Powerless Giants?

Festschrift for Professor Volker Rittberger about international organizations just out

The 53rd volume of the PRIF studies, entitled "Macht und Ohnmacht internationaler Institutionen" (Power and powerlessness of international institutions) is now out. It has been edited by Andreas Hasenclever, Klaus-Dieter Wolf and Michael Zürn as Festschrift for Professor Volker Rittberger of Tübingen who has supported PRIF for a long term in the role of a head of the Scientific Council.


The authors of this volume analyze what international institutions could achieve  until now and how they have to emerge, for keeping up with the fast developing world community.


Implemented as instruments for peaceful world politics, international institutions, like the UN, often prove to be to weak in order to prevent wars like those in Rwanda and Iraq. In this volume of PRIF studies, the authors present in which way the institutions nevertheless can contribute to the solution of such conflicts.