Political Understanding via Music

In HSFK-Standpunkt 2/2007, the speeches held in the ceremony of the Hessian Peace Prize 2006 can be read

He is co-founder of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in which young artists from Israel and Arab countries work and go on tour together. Moreover, he has been involved in other projects in which music serves as a bridge of understanding. For example, he has founded a music kindergarten and a music school at Ramallah.

For this outstanding efforts for mutual understanding in the Middle East the worldfamous conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim was honored with the Hessian Peace Prize 2006 of the Albert Osswald-Stiftung on February 1st, 2007.

HSFK-Standpunkt 2/2007 documents the ceremonial act which took place at the parliament at Wiesbaden. Besides the laudation, held by the journalist and publicist Wolfgang Günter Lerch, the acceptance speech of Barenboim can be read. The greetings held by Hess Prime Minister Roland Koch and Parliament Minister Norbert Kartmann are completing the publication.

All speakers commended Barenboims efforts for mutual understanding between Israel and Palastine. They stressed that his activities and statements give important impulses for politicians. Making music together not only connects the artists and hearers but demonstrates in small scope, what is also possible at large scale.


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