Philippine Governance

PRIF Report No. 93 on the merging of politics and crime in the Philippines

Politics in the Philippines - a criminalized governance? In his report "Philippine Governance: Merging Polics and Crime"Peter Kreuzer, using the example of the Philippines, points at an underrated phenomenon: political systems in which politics and crime amalgamate. He shows that there exists a significant phenomenological similarity between the traditional Italian mafia and Philippine politics: both are comprehensive systems of domination in which violent competition and social control as well as crime have their systemic place. After a succinct discussion of the core characteristics of traditional mafia domination in Sicily, the author develops a model of Philippine mafia style politics, illustrated with a host of examples. The conclusion focuses on recommendations for the decriminalization of Philippine politics.


The report can be ordered at PRIF for the price of EUR 10,- and is also available as free pdf download.