Peace Report 2009 Out Now

On 26 May 2009, the Peace Report 2009 was presented at the German Federal Press Conference

This year’s Peace Report (Friedensgutachten) deals with the question “How to end wars?”. In twelve of its articles their authors point out opportunities, ways and limits to end wars and violent conflicts. The book deals with the examples Afghanistan, Iraq, Southern Caucasus, Gaza, the Balkans, and Congo, as well as piracy at the coast of Somalia and the “War on Terror”. Six further articles are devoted to the transatlantic agenda after Bush and four articles finally analyse strategies and instruments of civil conflict management.





Jochen Hippler of the Institut für Entwicklung und Frieden (INEF)

Christiane Fröhlich of the Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft (FEST)

Margret Johannsen of the Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg (IFSH)

Bruno Schoch of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)

Andreas Heinemann-Grüder of the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)


LIT Verlag Münster,
ISBN: 978-3-643-10087-0

400 p., Paperback, 12,90 Euros


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