5th India-EU Maritime Security Workshop

Pascal Abb gave a talk on China's Global Security Initiative (GSI)

Participants of the 5th India-EU Maritime Security Workshop

From September 21st-22nd, Pascal Abb participated in the 5th India-EU Maritime Security Workshop, co-organized by the National Maritime Foundation (NMF) of India and the EU’s Enhancing Security In and With Asia (ESIWA) program. The workshop was held in New Delhi as a track 1.5 event to provide suggestions for India-EU maritime security engagement. This is part of the EU’s efforts to strengthen its role in Indo-Pacific security and increase cooperation with partners in the region.

In the workshop, Pascal Abb spoke at a panel on “Decoding China’s Contem­porary Global Initiatives”, focusing on the Global Security Initiative (GSI) that was announced earlier this year. He argued that the GSI is primarily a response to China’s rising exposure to overseas conflict risks and insta­bility, resulting from economic involvement in high-risk areas. The GSI continues existing Chinese practices like its involvement in UN peacekeeping, diplomatic mediation efforts and regional security cooperation especially in Africa, but promises an expanded reach and an approach to stabi­lization that is distinct from Western efforts. Contrary to US security agency, which is focused on overseas military deployments against external threats, the GSI is likely to find a compe­titive niche in domestic security cooperation, reflecting Chinese capacities and willingness to partner with repressive governments.