Nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction: PRIF becomes consulting partner within major EU project

The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) has become part of a network advising the Council of the European Union on questions of the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and small arms within a large-scale project. Four European research institutes are part of the network that will initially be funded with over 2 million Euros for a period of three years.

On 26 July 2010 the European Council decided to create an expert network to advise the  governments of the member states as well as institutions of the European Union in the area of weapons of mass destruction and small arms. The network will be established and led by four European research institutes. Together with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, London), the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS, Paris) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), PRIF will also be member of the consortium.


The network aims at stimulating the dialogue on security politics on the European level. Furthermore third party countries are envisaged to be sensitised to a stronger cooperation with the EU and the United Nations in order to promote the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


Prof Dr Harald Müller, head of PRIF, is proud to be part of the network and says: "With this decision the leadership of the EU demonstrates that within the applied sciences we are on a par with the most renowned researchs institutions in Europe." Being a member of the Leibniz community, PRIF already has a long experience in research and counselling on arms control, nonproliferation and disarmament. The project's runtime is set to three years and funds of 2.2 mill. Euros have been approved.


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