No Chance for Peace in the Philippines?

In HSFK-Standpunkt 3/2008 Peter Kreuzer investigates the causes of the once more escalated civil war in the Philippines


Already in 2000 and 2003 peace between government and the Muslim guerilla seemed to be within reach in the Philippines. But just before the conclusion of a peace treaty violence and civil war escalated. As yesterday so today: Again there is little hope for a solid peace.


Peter Kreuzer is looking in HSFK-Standpunkt 3/2008 „Der Bürgerkrieg in den Philippinen - Oder: Warum der Weg zum Frieden immer wieder im Krieg endet“ (Civil War in the Philippines – Or: Why the road to peace always ends in war) for the causes. He shows that the reasons date back hundreds of years. Many centuries ago muslims settled in territories in the south of the Philippines. But from the beginning of the 20th century Christian migrants are increasingly taking possession of these areas.