New Professorship for Julian Junk

Julian Junk has been appointed to the “Hessische Hochschule für öffentliches Management und Sicherheit”

University President Dr Walter Seubert presents the certificate of appointment to Dr Julian Junk

University President Dr Walter Seubert and Dr Julian Junk at the presentation of the certificate of appointment

Julian Junk, head of PRIF's Berlin office since 2017 and head of the research group “Radicalization” since 2019, has held the research professorship “Extremism and Extremism Resilience” at the “Hessische Hochschule für öffentliches Management und Sicherheit” (HöMS) since April 1, 2023. He heads the research unit “Extremism Resilience” there. Through a cooperation agreement between PRIF and HöMS, Julian Junk will continue to lead the research group “Radicalization” at PRIF and thus also contribute to networking between PRIF and HöMS. Hande Abay Gaspar, as the new deputy research group leader, will shape the program of the Radicalization Research Group together with Julian Junk. She has previously been involved in various projects of the research group and was most recently responsible for the sub-study “Communities under Suspicion – Do Proactive Security Policies and Extremism Prevention Have Non-Intended Racist Side Effects” at Goethe University Frankfurt together with Christopher Daase, which is being developed as part of the InRa study. Stefan Kroll, Head of the Science Communication Department, takes over the management of the Berlin office on an interim basis.