Nazi-Era, the Holocaust, and the Middle-East Conflict

In HSFK-Report No. 7/2008 Gert Krell scrutinizes the impacts of Holocaust and Nazi-Era on the Middle-East-Conflict and looks for options for appeasement.


Would there exist a state Israel without Nazi-Germany and Holocaust today? Gert Krell tries to bring a light into the darkness of causes, consequences and responsibility. He shows in his HSFK-Report „Schatten der Vergangenheit. Nazi-Deutschland, Holocaust und der Nahostkonflikt“ (Shadows of the Past: The Nazi-Era, the Holocaust, and the Middle-East Conflict) that the basic constellation of the Middle-East Conflict is much older than Nazi-era. Nevertheless there remains the guilt for the shoa, for the assassination of 6 million of jews.


Therefore it´s important for Germany to promote the peace process in the Middle-East. A process that should push Israel and the Palestinians to a historic compromise admitting the history of suffering of both sides. But this perspective requires to condemn the practices of both parties if they are opposed to this compromise.