LOEWE Top Professorship for Nicole Deitelhoff

Nicole Deitelhoff receives Excellence Award from the State of Hesse.

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Nicole Deitelhoff will receive a LOEWE Top Professorship from the State of Hesse on 1 June 2023. The LOEWE Top Professorship, which was jointly applied for by PRIF and Goethe University Frankfurt (GU), will be based at both institutions. The LOEWE-funded research group will also work at PRIF and GU. The excellence funding is valid for the period from 1 June 2023 to 31 May 2028. The total funding provided by the state of Hesse and Goethe University Frankfurt for this purpose amounts to almost three million euros. With the LOEWE award, the renowned researcher can be kept in Frankfurt.

The research made possible by the LOEWE funding will follow on directly from Nicole Deitelhoff's studies on the productivity of conflicts. It will focus, among other issues, on the question of how peace orders can be designed in such a way that they promote trust and contain conflicts. The results of the LOEWE research group should be fruitful for European and international security and peace architectures.

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