Leibniz Research Network "Crises in a globalized world" launched

PRIF coordinates the interdisciplinary network established by the Leibniz Association with twenty participating Leibniz Institutes

Crises are a constant companion of human societies, be they of economic, social, political or ecological nature. Globalization, however, has given crises a new, often threatening quality. Crises cross national borders and their consequences are often difficult or even impossible to manage. The complexity and interdependency of various crises require parallel and coordinated actions.


In the recently established research network "Crises of a globalized world", scholars from twenty institutions of the Leibniz Association investigate the mechanisms of crises, their interdependencies and the dynamics of the emergence and the management of crises. Financial market and debt crises, world food crises, crises of political systems, and environmental crises will be in the focus of the research interest.


Leibniz institutions join Leibniz Research Networks to examine current scientific and socially relevant issues from a transdisciplinary perspective. The consortia are established for a period of five to fifteen years. They welcome cooperations with universities and other research institutions.


The research network "Crises of a globalized world", which includes, among others, economists, political scientists, climate experts, social and agricultural scientists, is directed and coordinated by the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). Professor Dr Klaus Dieter Wolf, Deputy Executive Director and Program Director of Research Department "Private Actors in the Transnational Sphere" at PRIF, is the network’s speaker. Dr Thorsten Thiel coordinates its research. The first workshop of the research network will take place in early July at PRIF. In the coming years, a number of discussions, workshops and conferences will be organized in Frankfurt and across Germany.



Research Network "Crises of a globalized world" and the network partners