Kick-Off of the Doctoral Network VORTEX

Launch of Europe-wide Doctoral Programme dealing with radicalization processes

Malmö University Facade

The Marie Skłodowska Curie Doctoral Network VORTEX (Coping with Varieties of Radi­calization into Terrorism and Extremism) has now been officially launched. From 24 to 27 October Julian Junk, Lotta Rahlf and Laura Stritzke, attended the VORTEX-Kick-Off at Malmö University. The overall goal of VORTEX is to develop new, evidence-based and innovative strategies to deal with radi­calization processes and to critically analyse existing prevention strategies. VORTEX is a Europe-wide doctoral pro­gramme with a wide range of joint trainings and a net­work of trans­national dissertation supervision. There are joint super­vision agree­ments with the Free University of Brussels, the Universities of Oslo and Turin as well as PRIF. Julian Junk is deputy coordinator of the network. Laura Stritzke is working on a disser­tation in the field of primary and secondary pre­vention within the frame­work of VORTEX. Lotta Rahlf's dis­sertation project deals with a European com­parison of evaluation structures in the field of pre­vention measures.