Justice and Law in the Hindu Kush

In HSFK Standpunkt No. 1/2010 Jörg Krempel pleas for a pragmatical handling of traditional law structures

A functioning judicial system is one of the fundamental conditions for the stabilisation of Afghanistan. Previous efforts to reform the law sector have failed and judges belonging to the Taliban shadow governments are still accepted by the Afghan people due to the short trials and quick execution of judgements.


In addition, customary law, islamic law and secular government's law compete within the law vacuum and there are rules missing, that clarify the application of the three different law systems.

In HSFK Standpunkt No. 1/2010 "Recht und Justiz am Hindukusch" (Justice and Law at the Hindu Kush) Jörg Krempel depicts the shortfall of the international community with regard to the consolidation of the law and justice system in Afghanistan and he explains why only the inclusion of all three law traditions in Afghanistan will lead to an enduring stabilisation of the country.