Jonas Wolff nominated for “Best Doctoral Supervision” 2023

Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers (GRADE) awards prize on 12th October

[Translate to English:] Jonas Wolff ist für den Preis "Beste Promotionsbetreuung" 2023 nominiert

Jonas Wolff has been nomi­nated for this year's Award for Best Doctoral Super­vision by the Goethe Research Aca­demy for Early Career Researchers (GRADE). The award cere­mony will take place on 12th October at an event in the Casino Building, Room 1.801 on the Westend Campus of Goethe University. All further infor­mation on the programme and regis­tration for the event can be found on the website of Goethe University.

This is the fourth time that GRADE has awarded this prize. The nomi­nations for the prize, which is endowed with 5000 €, were made by the doctoral students. This year more than 40 super­visors were nomi­nated. Jonas Wolff was nomi­nated by several students. The final winner will be decided by an inter­national selection committee.

Jonas Wolff is a professor of poli­tical science in the Department of Social Sciences at Goethe University. His focus is on transfor­mation research, his regional focus is on Latin America. At PRIF, Jonas Wolff is a board member and heads the research department “Intrastate Conflict”. He also works in the research networks TraCe and ConTrust as well as the research group “Regime Competition”.