Ismail Khatib to be awarded the 2010 Hessian Peace Prize

The committee of the Hessian Peace Prize of the Albert Osswald Stiftung is going to award the 2010 Hessian Peace Prize to the Palestinian Ismail Khatib on 22nd September 2010. The laudation will be given by the former Israeli embassador to Germany, Avi Primor.

The president of the Hessian parliament, Norbert Kartmann, the chair of the committee of the Hessian Peace Prize, Karl Starzacher, and Professor Harald Müller, PRIF's Executive Director announced this year's awardee today in Wiesbaden.

Ismail Khatib is the first Palestinian to receive the Hessian Peace Prize. The ceremony will take place on 22nd September 2010 at 11 a.m. in the premises of the Hessian parliament (Hessischer Landtag) in Wiesbaden.

Please read the press release by the parliament of Hesse for further details (in German).