Insight into Iranian Politics

In HSFK-Report No. 9/2006 Semiramis Akbari analyzes internal politics and how they affect foreign affairs

Since summer 2005, when ultraconservatives won the Iranian elections and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president, the relationship between Iran and the Western world has gone downhill rapidly. The president’s provoking speeches on Israel and the nuclear conflict have led to Iran’s isolation. Meanwhile, the “West” has lost sight of the domestic political processes and moderate politicians. But reformers and pragmatic conservatives still exist and exercise their influence. In HSFK-Report 9/2006 „Grenzen politischer Reform- und Handlungsspielräume in Iran. Die Bedeutung innenpolitischer Dynamiken für die Außenpolitik“ (Limits of Political Reform in Iran. The relevance of domestic dynamics for foreign policy), Semiramis Akbari analyzes the current opportunities for reform-oriented policies in Iran.

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