Social Movements and Nonviolent Protest

Brian Christopher Rathbun is a visiting professor at PRIF in October 2022

Brian Rathbun, Foto: privat

PRIF welcomes Brian Chris­topher Rathbun as visiting pro­fessor. During his stay in October 2022 he will work on his project on ad­vantages of non­violent protests over violent protests. His work aims to ex­plain how the former are better able to send costly signals of resolve while simulta­neously winning over audiences. It is precisely because non­violent protesters expose them­selves to the possi­bility of harm while denying them­selves the ability to protect them­selves through physical violence that they can win the moral high ground.

Brian Chris­topher Rathbun is Professor of Inter­national Re­lations at the Univer­­sity of Southern Cali­fornia Dorn­sife. His research focusses on Security politics, German foreign policy, the Euro­pean Union, social move­ments, and theories of peace. He has published several mono­graphs and numerous journal articles. His book “Rea­soning of State” (Cam­bridge Uni­versity Press 2019) won the 2018-2020 best book award from the Foreign Policy section of the Ame­rican Political Science Asso­ciation. Brian Rathbun is a member of the Editorial Boards of Inter­national Studies Quarterly, European Journal of Euro­pean Security, Journal of Global Security Studies.

During his stay, Brian Rathbun will be working with the re­searchers from the research depart­ment “Inter­national Insti­tutions”.