From Exodus to Exitus

In HSFK-Report 3/2007 Heidrun Zinecker, analyzes the causes for postwar violence in El Salvador

Within the framework of the project Political, Cultural and Socio-Economic Determinants of Violence in Fragmented Societies and after her Report on Guatemala, Heidrun Zinecker has published another country/case study - this time on El Salvador under the title Vom Exodus zum Exitus. Zu den Ursachen der Nachkriegsgewalt in El Salvador (From Exodus to Exitus. On the causes of postwar violence in El Salvador). Starting from the observation that El Salvador shows the highest violence rate in Central America, the author analyzes the causes for that. Hereby she identifies the so-called remesas, rents that emigrated Salvadorians send home to their families, as the main cause for the high level of violence. Therefore the exodus of the Salvadorians mainly cause the huge scale of unnatural exitus in Salvador.



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