Friedensgutachten 2007

This year’s Friedensgutachten just out

On 14th June, the Friedensgutachten 2007 (peace expertise) was presented at the Federal Press Conference at Berlin.


This year’s issue focuses on the Bundeswehr and the changes of its tasks from pure defence to out-of-area interventions. In the articles of the Friedensgutachten, the increasing number of operations (the Balkan, Afghanistan, Congo, Lebanon) are being analysed critically. What can these interventions achieve? What have they achieved? How to judge on this? What about the prevention of conflicts as an alternative?


Besides the Bundeswehr focus, the Friedensgutachten deals with conflicts in the Middle East and in Africa as well as with the power shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific region.


The press release is now available for download here.


The Friedensgutachten is published by the Lit Verlag (Münster). It can be purchased in bookstores for 12,90 Euro. ISBN: 978-3-8258-0429-9