Friedens-Warte special issue on "Responsibility to Protect"

A special issue of "Die Friedens-Warte" edited by Christopher Daase and Julian Junk on "Responsibility to Protect - Normative Expectations and Political Practice"

Concerning the current situation in Syria and international discussions on how to deal with it and remembering the intervention in Libya in 2011 lead by the NATO and mandated by the UN, the international responsibility to protect is again in the focus of recent public and academic debates.

Once more, the tension between normative expectations and political practice is revealed, which is especially virulent concerning humanitarian interventions.

Therefore, using different examples of international humanitarian interventions, this special issue of "Die Friedens-Warte" "Responsibility to Protect - Normative Expectations and Political Practice" analyzes the different phases of norm generation, but also the possibility of failure of international norms, as well as the resulting potentials and challenges for national and international politics.


The special issue does not only feature chapters by the editors Christopher Daase and Julian Junk, but also by PRIF researchers Nicole Deitelhoff, Caroline Fehl and Lothar Brock.