Frankfurt and Darmstadt Students Honoured for Their Success at the UN-Simulation at New York

Reception at PRIF for Argentine delegates


Within the simulation National Model United Nations (NMUN), organized by the United Nations in New York from March 18th-22nd, the common delegation from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt and the University of Technology Darmstadt have been awarded with two prizes. The students represented Argentina and impressed with their performance. Therefore, they received the prize Honorable Mention. Moreover, Sahar Nikou, a student from Frankfurt, was awarded by the other conference members with the prize Outstanding Delegate for her performance at the security council.

This year, the students had to represent a country, which isn't in the spotlight of world politics. Nevertheless its opinion was always asked for during UN negotiations because of its regional power. Furthermore, it is the first time the students represented a country with a seat in the security council. Therefore many delegates payed attention towards Argentina concerning different topics. "Retrospective, I would describe the work in the security council challenging and enriching. In such a small committee there is no time to take a rest", Sahar Nikou describes her experiences.

As patron of the project, PRIF gave a reception on June 5th. The students and their tutor Dr Klaus Roscher reported their experiences and answered questions. Prof. Steinberg delivered greetings.

Please find more information on the delegation at their website.