Memorandum for the Frankfurt Alliance signed

PRIF is a member of the new science network

Gruppenbild Frankfurt Alliance

On 30 January 2024, 16 scientific insti­tutions in the Rhine-Main region, including PRIF as a member of the Leibniz Association, signed a Memo­randum of Under­standing for the new “Frankfurt Alliance” science network.

The alliance brings to­gether the four major scientific orga­nisations in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metro­politan region, as well as a federal insti­tution and Goethe Uni­versity, in order to create synergy effects and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The Frank­furt/Rhine-Main region is characte­rised by a high density of research insti­tutions that are already linked in many ways due to common research interests and numerous coope­ration agree­ments. The aim of the Frankfurt Alliance is to simplify the conditions for joint research, remove adminis­trative obstacles and esta­blish joint structures and infra­structures. At the same time, the alliance sees itself as a repre­sentative of interests in the political arena. The future cooperations between the 16 institutions are in­tended to further expand the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region as a leading research lo­cation in Europe, gain inter­national reco­gnition and be­come more attractive.

Timon Gremmels, Hessian Minister for Science and Research, Art and Culture, recognised the agreed coope­ration during the signing of the memo­randum in Frankfurt's Römer: “Science and research are essential to master the trans­formation processes of our time and at the same time to secure our demo­cracy. This will be all the more successful if we join forces. The Frankfurt Alliance will make the out­standing research and transfer work in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region even more effective and visible – from inter­natio­nalisation to research infra­structures and personnel recruit­ment.”

The Frankfurt Alliance's first joint public event will be a science festival in Frankfurt city centre on September 28, 2024: The partici­pating institutions will then present them­selves to the public at the Roß­markt.

Further infor­mation can be found on the web­site of Goethe Uni­versity Frankfurt.