Research Alliance CNTR Goes Online

Research Alliance “Cluster for Natural and Technical Science Arms Control Research” launches own website for more visibility


The newly founded research alliance CNTR launches its own website and thus contributes to increasing the visibility of scientific and technical expertise in peace and conflict research. In addition to an overview of the structure and research topics of the cluster, its research results will be made available for the dialogue with politics, media and society in the future. Furthermore, the website will provide regular information on events, publications and other news from the cluster. Beginning in 2024, CNTR will also publish its central transfer publication there, the CNTR Monitor.

The Cluster for Natural and Technical Science Arms Control Research (CNTR) researches new technologies and developments in the natural sciences from an interdisciplinary perspective and develops recom­mendations for strength­ening arms control. CNTR is a research alliance between PRIF, Technical University of Darmstadt, and Justus Liebig University Giessen, and is conducted in two interdis­ciplinary research groups.The project has received funding from the Federal Foreign Office for a period of four years.

CNTR is seeking to structurally strengthen scientific and technical peace research. In two interdis­ciplinary and inter-institutional research groups, researchers from the natural and social sciences work together closely. In doing so, the cluster not only wants to bundle the expertise of the various Hessian locations and make them interna­tionally visible, but also to establish permanent series of events and to promote a compre­hensive transfer of knowledge.

The website can be accessed at the following URL and is available in German and as well as in English: 

Design and implemen­tation of the website were developed by media machine GmbH.