PRIF's new working group focuses the existing knowledge and advances the development of new research projects

How can societies deal with increasing diversity? What kind of conflicts evolve around new accommodations for refugees and how can they be managed successfully? What’s next for the European Union in the so-called “refugee crisis”? Such questions arise in politics, society and academia.

For years, researchers at PRIF have worked on issues of (forced) migration  and integration conflicts  in a number of projects. In addition, our team at PRIF holds broad regional expertise , which is indispensable for a profound discussion on the causes of (forced) migration and their political implications. To combine this knowledge, enhance in-house cooperation and advance the development of new research projects, an internal working group formed in March 2016. The group also strengthens exchange between established and new researchers in the field independent of project-related work. For information on the working group and its topics, please contact Sabine Mannitz or Svenja Gertheiss.