EU as Peacemaker in Georgia

Pamela Jawad publishes study as PRIF Report No. 74 and as HSFK-Report Nr. 7/2006

In September and Oktober 2006, the crisis between Georgia and Russia escalated to the verge of war. Its roots lie in Georgia's secession conflicts with Russia-supported South Ossetia and Abchasia. The United Nations and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe have already sent peace missions into the region, and the European Union (EU) is – according to its European Neighborhood Policy – also interested in peaceful countries and "good governance" at its borders. Pamela Jawad explores in which ways and what role the EU could promote peace in Georgia.

Her analysis has been published in two versions: one in English as PRIF Report No. 74 Europe's New Neighborhood on the Verge of War. What role for the EU in Georgia? and the second one in German as HSFK-Report 7/2006 entitled Europas neue Nachbarschaft an der Schwelle zum Krieg. Zur Rolle der EU in Georgien.