Ernst-Otto-Czempiel-Price for Young Peace Researchers

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Ernst-Otto Czempiel, PRIF assigned a price, endowed with EUR 5,000

As was announced on tuesday, PRIF has fathered the Ernst-Otto-Czempiel-Price. The price will be awarded every two years to the best publication in the field of peace research within the last two years. The price is endowed with EUR 5,000. The commendation is residing within the scope of postdoctoral promotion, therefore graduation theses, dissertations and publications of authors older than 45 years are excluded. The price will be granted for the first time in autumn 2008. National and publications from abroad will be considered, nominations can be addressed to PRIF's executive board.

The price was assigned on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Ernst-Otto Czempiel in May 2007. The idea was presented to him on the reception given by PRIF and the University of Frankfurt on July 10th.

Czempiel is one of the outstanding scholars of the "International Relations" in Germany. Above all, he dealed with the role of the United States of America in world politics as well as the basis of democratic foreign politics. In 1970, he was one of PRIF's founding fathers, which is today the biggest Peace Research Institute in Germany.

With help of the Ernst-Otto-Czempiel-Price, his rewards shall be honoured today and in future.

To a hires photo of Ernst-Otto Czempiel.

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