Invitation to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense

Antonia Witt on conflict situations in African countries

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Antonia Witt spoke about current conflict situations in African countries at the event “Risk Image 2024 - The World out of Joint” in Vienna on January 29, 2024. The event was hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, which was repre­sented by Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner.

In her statement, Antonia Witt gave a review of key security policy develop­ments in Africa in 2023. These include an increase in political violence, the con­solidation of autocratic regimes, the crisis of “traditional” instruments of inter­national crisis management and the expan­sion of new security partner­ships. She focused in particular on the situations in the Sahel, Sudan and Ethiopia and dis­cussed what these develop­ments mean for Austria and Europe.

The “Risikobild” event takes place annually and serves to assess global conflict constellations. High-ranking representatives of Austrian ministries and members of parliament exchange views with experts.