Diplomatic Interventions by African Special Envoys

New PRIF report outlines a practice-oriented research agenda

Eine Gruppe von Menschen begleitet die Sonderbeauftrage über den Flughafen Aden Adde in Mogadischu, Somalia

Increasingly, peace-making missions of the African Union and African regional organi­zations rely on the deploy­ment of special envoys. Special envoys are intended to promote peace processes in conflict-ridden regions and strengthen African and local solutions instead of inter­national interven­tions. However, diplomatic interventions with African special envoys have so far been insuffi­ciently investigated. Both their field activities as well as the necessary social, institu­tional and contextual background con­ditions for their success remain underexplored.

Dimpho Deleglise's report aims to close this gap. In doing so, she syste­matizes existing research and identifies existing gaps based on a comprehensive reconstruc­tion of previous activities of African Special Envoys. Against this background, she highlights the need for a practice-oriented research approach that takes into account the com­plexity of perspectives in the deployment of African special envoys.

Dr. Dimpho Deleglise is a Senior Researcher at PRIF’s “Glocal Junctions” research depart­ment as well as in PRIF’s Research Group “African Intervention Politics”. Her research focuses on the African peace and security archi­tecture and the deployment of special envoys by the African Union and regional orga­nizations in the Horn of Africa region. Her re­search is part of the competence network “African Non-military Conflict Intervention Practices (ANCIP)”, fun­ded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Re­search (BMBF) as part of the funding line “Strengthening and further develop­ment of peace and conflict research”.

Download (pdf): Deleglise, Dimpho (2024): African Special Envoys In Practice: A Research Agenda For Studying Complex Diplomatic Interventions, PRIF Report 3/2024, Frankfurt/M.