Democratization in an undefined state?

HSFK-Report by Bruno Schoch on the impediments towards a democratization of the Kosovo UN protectorate

The international commitment in Kosovo after the 1998/99 war has been the most costly given the expenses and amount of armed soldiers per capita. Still, the efforts for an external democratization have failed so far. Single improvements are thwarted by the refusal of a minimum cooperation between Albanians and Serbs that is necessary for a democratic development.


In HSFK-Report No. 13/2010 "Demokratisierung im ungeklärten Staat? Das UN-Protektorat im Kosovo – eine Bilanz" (Democratization in an undefined state? The UN protectorate in Kosovo - A review), Bruno Schoch explores the reasons for the democratization blockades. He identifies the undefined status of the Kosovo between 1999 and 2008 as major obstacle for both sides to accept compromises and concludes with recommendations for future democratization initiatives by the international community and the EU.


The report is available at PRIF for EUR 6,- and can also be downloaded as free PDF file.