Corporate Activity in Zones of Violent Conflict

Moira Feil, Susanne Fischer, Andreas Haidvogl and Melanie Zimmer examine in PRIF report no. 84 the role of corporate activities in zones of violent conflict

How far corporations are able to contribute to stability and security in a zone of violent conflict? Or even act as "governance-partners"? This has received intense attention but still there has been done little conceptual and empirical research. In PRIF Report No. 84 entitled Bad Guys, Good Guys or Something in between? Corporate governance contributions in zones of violent conflict by Moira Feil, Susanne Fischer, Andreas Haidvogl and Melanie Zimmer draw on four case studies of four corporations in very different zones of conflict by investigating their contribution to governance with regard to security governance and to other fields of governance (Political order, socio-economic and socio-cultural dimension).The results show that the companies are quite aware of their social responsibility but their action radius is limited in scope and issue. In particular there´s a fair amount of reserve in security governance for this is considered as being a domain of the government. Policy makers, NGOs and development aid organizations should consider this and not rely too heavily on private companies. In their conclusion the authors bring the chances and deficiencies of corporate activities together and plea for a honest dialogue and exchange of experiences.