CNTR Publishes First Fact Sheet

First open access publication on quantum technology in the new series of the CNTR project

The Fact Sheet on quantum techno­logy is the first in CNTR's new Fact Sheet series. The fact sheets make CNTR's research results acces­sible to a wider audience in a briefly summa­rized format. In addi­tion to brief expla­nations, further back­ground texts are provided as well as over­views of use cases of new techno­logies or possibi­lities for political control in the form of figures, data and facts.

The first CNTR Fact Sheet by Lena Bühring (CNTR/PRIF) and Prof. Dr Markus Gräfe (TU Darmstadt) provides an over­view of the four pillars of quantum techno­logy, its develop­ment, security rele­vance and various appli­cations. Quantum techno­logy mainly consists of four inno­vative techno­logy areas: Compu­ting, commu­nication, sensing, and imaging. These offer poten­tial mili­tary advan­tages, such as secure commu­nication and improved reconnais­sance capa­bilities through more precise sensors, but also pose a security risk to conven­tional systems. The fact sheet briefly explains the dual-use charac­teristics of quantum techno­logy.

The Cluster for Natural and Techno­logical Science Arms Control Research (CNTR) researches new techno­logies and develop­ments in the natural sciences from an interdis­ciplinary per­spective, develops recommen­dations for the advance­ment of new techno­logies and in the natural sciences.

The Fact Sheet on quantum techno­logy is available as an open access publication on the CNTR website