China in the South Pacific

HSFK-Report No. 9/2009 from Roland Seib has been published as PRIF Report No. 90 in English

China’s influence in the South Pacific has considerably increased over the past years. Continuously it extended its diplomatic presence and cooperation related to development policy. Are these indicators for a maturing new world power that might claim a leading role on the global level?


In PRIF Report No. 90 China in the South Pacific: No New Hegemon on the HorizonRoland Seib explores the reasons for China’s commitment in the South Pacific, reassesses the validity of the postulated policy of non-interference and investigates the alleged independence of the Chinese development cooperation. He also examines whether China might become a threat for the security architecture in the South Pacific.


This PRIF Report is the English version of HSFK-Report No. 9/2009 China im Südpazifik: Kein neuer Hegemon am Horizont. Both are available as free PDF-files (for download please click on the reports’ titles).