Bundeswehr without draftees

HSFK-Report No. 10/2010 on the history and future of the German Federal Armed Forces at the beginning of a new era

On June 30, 2011, the era of the German Bundeswehr as a conscription army ends, at least for the time being. In HSFK-Report No. 11/2010 "Bundeswehr ohne Wehrpflichtige. Was folgt daraus für die Parlamentsarmee im Einsatz?" (Bundeswehr without draftees. What are the consequences for the German parliamentary army and military deployments?), Berthold Meyer reveals the difficult history of this significant event and provides recommendations for the new all-volunteer German military in regard to international challenges.

The report can be ordered at PRIF at the prize of EUR 6,- and is also available as a free PDF download.