Bridging the Gap from Theory to Practice

Ariadna Petri from the Universität Complutense of Madrid is a guest researcher at PRIF from August to November 2021

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Ariadna Petri (Photo: Pazit Oz).

We are pleased to welcome Ariadna Petri. She will be a Guest Resear­cher at the Research Department “Glocal Junctions”until the end of November. Currently she is a PhD Candi­date in Conflict Resolution at Complutense University, Madrid. Her doctoral thesis analyzes the agency of Second Track Negotiators in feeding the peace industry in the Israeli-­Palestinian conflict.

She specifi­cally looks at which designs of negotiation activities have been successful and why. Additionally, given the poor rate of implemen­t­ation of accords, she examines which negotiator profiles are best suited for an optimal transfer of results.

Previously, Ariadna held researcher and lecturer appoint­­ments at Philipps-­Universität Marburg, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies, A.I. Cuza University, Bard College and Al-Quds University.

Since 2020, she has dealt with the subject of Mental Health in Europe and Conscious Peace. Another focus of her work, primarily in education, was the metaphor in dialogue. Besides her formal teaching, she organized ten training programs for leaders, educators and young profes­sionals from 32 countries across the EU and the Middle East aiming at enhancing their profes­sional and personal skills.