Between Ground Zero and Square One

In PRIF-Report No. 82 Hans-Joachim Spanger analyzes the relationship between the USA and Russia

These days in their mutual distrust, Washington and Moscow are so far aparted from each other  than ever since the end of the Sovjet Union - the "cold war of words" had left deep marks in their relationship. The public debate agrees on the scapegoats: the overboardening self-confidence of Putin on the one side, Bush's military endeavours for democratization on the other side.


In PRIF-Report No. 82 Between Ground Zero and Square One. How George W. Bush failed on Russia, Hans-Joachim Spanger reveals, that this is an insufficient simplification of reality. In his publication the author analyzes the American-Russian relationship in detail and expresses recommendations for prospective their foreign policy.


This PRIF-Report is a translation of the HSFK-Report 9/2007 Zwischen Ground Zero und Square One. George W. Bush und die Folgen der Simulation amerikanischer Russlandpolitik