60 Years of NATO

Edited volume of the Atlantic Academy on the history, present and future of NATO

On April 4, 2009, NATO celebrated its 60th anniversary. Thus, PRIF, together with the Atlantic Academy Rhineland-Palatinate, organized the annual Spring Academy on Security Politics on the subject of "The Entangling Alliance - NATO on the way from the defence alliance to the  world's gendarme?"


The 34th issue of the "Atlantische Texte" series accounts for the history and the role of the alliance. In this edited volume various authors from the political sciences and history contribute with broad and deep background information on this topic. Amongst them are Matthias Dembinski (Die NATO aus Sicht der Friedensforschung), Berthold Meyer (Humanitäre Intervention und gerechter Krieg) of PRIF as well as Peter Schlotter (Eine globale NATO?) and Lawrence S. Kaplan (Europe's Way into the Alliance).


The edited volume "Entangling Alliance. 60 Jahre NATO. Geschichte - Gegenwart - Zukunft" (Entangling Alliance. 60 Years of NATO. History - Present - Future) was published by "Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier" and is available for 23,50 Euro.