Mobilisation and Regime Responses

Panel with Jonas Wolff at the ZOiS Conference 2021 "Politics from Below: Reasserting or Transcending the Democratic Paradigm?"

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What do recent regional or global trends of mass protests tell us about the state of demo­cracy and authorita­rianism and about state-society relations more generally?

The ZOiS Conference 2021 (Centre for East European and International Studies) explores the factors shaping recent waves of protest activism. Are there simil­arities in the strategies of mobili­zation used across regimes, spaces, countries and regions? What is the age profile of those who make them­selves heard in different political settings around the world? What is the role of different off- and online-spaces enabling or const­raining mobilization? Has Covid-19 changed the politics from below?

Through dialo­gue between different aca­demic disciplines and area expertise, the conference will assess whether regional and global trends of mobilization from below fit into a demo­cratization paradigm or whether it constitutes a new, local and potentially more radical form of politics that trans­cends the dividing line between demo­cratic and authori­tarian regimes.

Jonas Wolff partici­pates as a discussant on the panel "Mobilisation and Regime Responses" on January 28, 2.15 pm. To download the detailed programme leaflet, please click here.

ZOiS Conference 2021

When: 27 – 28 January 2021
Where: Online (Zoom conference) | Further Information and Registration