Times of Crisis, Radical times? - New Forms of Radicalisation

Crisis Talk with Julian Junk

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Liberal socie­ties in Europe have been under pressure for some time to deal with new forms of protest and radicali­sation. These tenden­cies are, it seems, rein­forced by the current acute crises. The Crisis Talk explores the questions of how threatening these develop­ments actually are for society and demo­cracy and what approaches there are to meet these challen­ges. The example of Islamism shows that although terrorist attacks in Europe are declining, Islamist propa­ganda continues unaba­tedly, is constantly changing and, like many other extremisms, eludes estab­lished categories. These threats must be illumi­nated in order to strengthen social cohesion in Europe.


Crisis Talks of the Leibniz Re­search Alliance “Crises in a Globa­lised World”

In the Euro­pean Union, crises have always been an important driver for change and progress.In crisis situations, the Euro­pean Union, which is cha­racterised by a high degree of hetero­geneity and is oriented towards shaping opinions, has so far usually been able to create common percep­tions of a situation, overcome blockages and facili­tate integration. As part of the series of Crisis Talks, the Leibniz Re­search Alliance “Crises in a Globalised World” addresses how Europe should deal with current and past crises



When: 19 August 2023, Light lunch from 12:30h, Event from 13:00h - 14:00h

Where: Represen­tation of the State of Hesse, At the European Union 21, Rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels

The event will be simul­­taneously interpreted (English/German), and will take place both analo­gue and digitally.

You can follow the event on our YouTube channel Hessen in Berlin und Europa.

You are welcome to ask your questions via streamline @lv-bruessel.hessen .de. Please register with your personal link.




  • Lucia Puttrich, Minister for Euro­pean and Federal Affairs of the State of Hessen
  • Julian Junk, PRIF Leibniz Institute Hessian Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research and Head of the Research Unit "Re­silience to Extremism" at the Hessian School of Public Manage­ment and Security



  • Andreas Zick, Director of the Institute for Inter­disciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG), Bielefeld University


Panel discussion

  • Andreas Zick, Director of the Institute for Inter­disciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG), Bielefeld University
  • Christiane Höhn, Chief Advisor to the EU Counter-Terrorism Coor­dinator in the Council of the EU
  • Corinne Torrekens, Director of the Group for research on Ethnic Relations, Migration and Equality (GERME) at the Free University of Brussels. EU MSCA Doctoral Network VORTEX

Moderator: Thomas Gutschker, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Brussels


Afterwards, we invite you to join us for coffee and cake.