Reflection about the Genocide in Rwanda

Virtual Roundtable Discussion with Jens Stappenbeck

Portrait of Jens Stappenbeck: Photo Credit: PRIF

Jens Stappenbeck: Photo: PRIF

27 years after the genocide against the Tutsi, an Online Roundtable Discussion organized by "IBUKA-Deutschland - Erinnerung und Gerechtigkeit e.V." will reflect on the horrifying events which took place during the Rwandan civil war between April and July 1994. The discussion will include contributions from three survivors of the genocide: Judence Kayitesi, author of "A Broken Life: In Search of Lost Parents and Lost Happiness", Omar Ndizeye, author of "Life and Death in Nyamata: Memoir of a Young Boy in Rwanda's Darkest Church", and Consolee Nishimwe, author of "Tested to the Limit: A Genocide Survivor’s Story of Pain, Resilience and Hope". As a fourth contributor, PRIF's Doctoral Researcher Jens Stappenbeck will add his perspective on how and why to engage the German civil society in a discourse on the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi.

When: Friday, 1 October, 6-8pm
Virtual Discussion, attendable via Zoom

Find more information on the speakers and how to access the Zoom meeting on IBUKA-Deutschland's Facebook page.