German Development Cooperation of the Future

An interactive discussion forum with Sophia Birchinger

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The conversation on development cooperation is presently lacking a critical perspective. Therefore, the De_Constructing Development program of Polis180 e.V. organizes a virtual event on the future of German development cooperation.

Polis180 would like to create a space for an open discussion and address a variety of prevalent questions. What would instances of development cooperation post 2030 look like? What needs to be changed? What do we dream of/wish for? How can Germany, as a country of the Global North, create relationships with countries of the Global South in the future?

The event will commence with four statements from experts and practitioners. Afterwards, everyone is invited to actively contribute to the discussion and put forward innovative ideas and new approaches.

We aim to include a diverse set of perspectives where everyone can actively contribute. Therefore, we offer a space for bold statements and no judgement. The language of the virtual event will be English. The discussion of the event may serve as a foundation for a policy brief on German development cooperation of the future.


  • Deborah Düring, Spokesperson on Development Policy, Alliance 90/The Greens
  • Frederick Adejei, Research Associate at Hochschule Bochum
  • Özge Kormaz Sahbaz, PhD Candidate at Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University
  • Sophia Birchinger, Researcher at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)


When: 28 February 2022, 20:00 o'clock
Where: Online

You will receive the meeting link shortly before the event. Please register via the Polis180 website.