Europe's role in the world: A foreign policy guided by values in the light of global crisis management

Crisis Talk with Nicole Deitelhoff and Stefan Kroll

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The Euro­pean Union is the result of a large num­ber of success­fully overcome crises. Having started out as a peace project, the EU is now an impor­tant player for peace, security and sustaina­bility in the world. It is not only bound by its funda­mental values in its inter­nal actions; human rights, the rule of law and demo­cracy are also guiding prin­ciples for its foreign policy. The current wars and crises in the world challenge the EU to strengthen the corner­stones of its value-led foreign and security policy. What does a value-led foreign policy mean for the reorga­nisation of European security following the Russian attack on Ukraine or the Hamas massacres in Israel? What strate­gies does the EU have towards auto­cracies and their alliances that reject Euro­pean values? How can Euro­pean values be strengthened and, if neces­sary, renewed in the face of these challen­ges?


Crisis Talks of the Leibniz Research Alliance “Crises in a Globalised World”

In the Euro­pean Union, crises have always been an impor­tant driver for change and progress. In crisis situ­ations, the Euro­pean Union, which is characte­rised by a high degree of hetero­geneity and is oriented towards shaping opinions, has so far usually been able to create common percep­tions of a situation, overcome blockages and facilitate inte­gration. As part of the series of Crisis Talks, the Leibniz Re­search Alliance “Crises in a Globa­lised World” addresses how Europe should deal with current and past crises.


When: January 23, 2024, Light lunch from 12.30 pm, event from 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Where: Represen­tation of the State of Hesse, At the European Union 21, Rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels

Simul­taneous inter­pretation will be available for Eng­lish/German.

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  • Friedrich von Heusinger, Director of the Repre­sentation of the State of Hessen to the EU
  • Stefan Kroll, PRIF-Leibniz Peace Research Insti­tute Frankfurt


Panel Discussion

  • Hannah Neumann, Member of the Euro­pean Parliament
  • Frank Hoffmeister, European External Action Service

Moderation: Rebecca C. Schmidt,Research Center Nor­mative Orders – Goethe University