Democracy Promotion as Interaction: Rethinking the External-Internal Interplay in International Relations

Workshop by the Research Network “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP) on interaction processes in democracy promotion

From 08th until 09th September 2016 and organized by the Research Network “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP), a workshop on interaction processes in democracy promotion will take place. Originally part of the 10th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, which was to be held in Izmir (Turkey) from 7th-10th December 2016 but was cancelled in light of the recent events in Turkey and the severe repression against academia, the EDP section has been relocated to the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.

A diverse group of about thirty scholars from all around the word will tackle different theoretical perspectives on and empirical insights into the patterns, drivers, and consequences of interaction processes in democracy promotion and in related disciplines, while paying close attention to local perspectives.

The Research Network External Democracy Promotion (EDP) brings together political science scholars from Germany and Switzerland working at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics. The joint interest is in the range of cross-border activities by states, non-state actors and international organizations aimed at establishing, improving or defending democracy in third countries. The goal is to deepen and focus research on democracy promotion as well as strengthen policy advice.  

This conference is not open for the general public. Should you be interested in participating, please contact Annika E. Poppe:

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