New Learning Unit on “Gender and Disarmament” by Mara Zarka

First of five new learning units extending the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament eLearning Course online

How are gender and dis­armament related? What role does gender play in dis­armament? These questions are addressed in the new EU Non-Pro­liferation and Dis­armament Consortium eLearning unit authored by Mara Zarka, Research Associate and Project/Events Manager at the Vienna Center for Dis­armament and Non-Pro­liferation (VCDNP). The unit is produced by the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt as part of the EU Non-Pro­liferation and Dis­armament eLearning Course, funded by the European Union.

Extending the existing 15 units, the new learning unit is the first of five to be published this year. While the existing units already cover issues from arms control theory, weapons of mass destruction and conven­tional weapons through to humani­tarian arms control and emerging technolo­gies, the new units will either cover new issues or sig­nificantly deepen existing ones.

Based on a new and fresh design, with an updated user interface to enhance usability and access­ibility, the unit takes you on a journey through the issues vital to an under­standing of the importance of gender in dis­armament issues. Filled with videos, photos, graphs and quizzes, the module is comprised of five chapters:

  • Key Terms and Historical Overview, highlighting the historical role women have played in dis­armament, such as the peace camp that was set up outside the Greenham Common Air Force base in England. 
  • The UN Frame­work, featuring landmark UN Security Council resolution 1325 and subsequent UN resolutions. 
  • Treaties, Conventions and Action Plans containing gender references, including an examination of female represen­tation in multi­lateral arms control, dis­armament and non-proliferation fora as well as a closer look at the first legally binding multi­lateral instrument to acknowledge the connection between inter­national arms trade and gender-based violence.  
  • Initiatives, Implemen­tation and Actions high­lighting the Inter­national Gender Champions initiative and the rise in adopting a Feminist Foreign Policy. 
  • EU Positions and Actions examining EU strategies incorporating gender in disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation, as well as EU actors engaged in promoting gender main­streaming. 


Resources, data­bases, and educational oppor­tunities can also be found in the eLearning unit.  

 Access the eLearning unit here.

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