Some conflicts make it into the news regularly or over longer periods of time. Meanwhile, many other crises take place outside the immediate attention of the global public or only make the news again once they have reached a new level of escalation. Coverage of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, for instance, dominated the headlines for months, as its effects were felt beyond Ukraine's borders and the attack on a European neighbor caused fear among many people. Since October 2023, the Middle East conflict has once more been thrust into the spotlight following Hamas' unprecedented terrorist attack on Israel. At the same time, violent conflicts and their intensity are steadily increasing worldwide: these crises and wars should not be overlooked in in the shadow of other conflicts. It is therefore all the more important to provide information about them, raise awareness and also bring them into focus.

School classes and students from grades 9 to 13 at Hessian schools were invited to apply with creative and innovative works and projects for the #PRIF@School_Award 2024 | Forgotten (?) Conflicts Worldwide. The awardees were honored at an awards ceremony on July 4, 2024.

The #PRIF@School_Award aims to award innovative and creative work and projects every two years on changing thematic focuses that deal with topics of peace and conflict research in local, national and international contexts. With this competition, PRIF aims to strengthen civic education on peace and conflict research topics in Hessian schools.

The award winners were selected by a jury of representatives from academia, schools, political education and civic engagement.

More information about the competition and how to participate can be found in our Webflyer and our General Information in the right column.

Contact and assistance

Every project starts with an idea. For its implementation, materials and literature need to be acquired. Libraries do not only provide the necessary literature, but also offer training on research and information use. Most public and university libraries offer special formats for school classes.

The PRIF library is also open for use by all students. Individual library introductions and research assistance are usually available spontaneously within opening hours. Research materials can also be looked up in advance in the PRIF library catalog. Classes are invited to visit the library by appointment and in smaller groups.

Please get in touch with us on questions or other inquiries about the call for submissions: schule @prif .org

The school award has been initiated by the network PRIF@School.

The award 2022 as well as 2024 was sponsored by the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW).



Thematic Focus: Forgotten (?) Conflicts Worldwide

Best individual contribution

  • Marc Dallmann, Hohe Landesschule Hanau, Videopresentation "Die 100-Tage Hölle: Konfliktanalyse Ruanda"
  • Luis Hartenfeller, Hohe Landesschule Hanau, Podcast "Afghanistan-Konflikt - Entstehung und Verlauf".

Best group contribution

  • Valentina Beyer und Duško Ćibić, Hohe Landesschule Hanau, Videopresentation "Israel-Palästina: Eine Konfliktanalyse"
  • Debattierclubs der 10. Klasse der Singbergschule Wölfersheim, Podcast "Hinter den Schlagzeilen - Der Jemenkonflikt"


Thematic Focus: Democracy and Conflict

Best Papers

  • 1st Price: Leon Gutknecht, „Chinas Umgang mit den Uiguren und entsprechende Reaktionen der Weltöffentlichkeit“
  • 2nd Price: Nico Dieter, „Der Fall Venezuelas - Wie können Öleinnahmen nachhaltig genutzt werden?“
  • 2nd Price: Yunus Emre Cakmak, „Jemen - Warum ist der Konflikt so unbekannt?“

Best Projects

  • 1st Price: AG Eine Welt des Max-Planck-Gymnasiums Groß-Umstadt, „Podcast: Eine Welt - Partnerschaft zwischen Mekelle Adventist School, Äthiopien, und dem Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Groß-Umstadt, Deutschland“
  • 1st Price: Klasse 11c des Gymnasiums Philippinum Weilburg, „Regionale jüdische Geschichte erleben - Zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement zur Förderung gesellschaftlichen Friedens und interkultureller Verständigung“


Yvonne Blum
Knowledge Transfer Officer

Laura Friedrich
Knowledge Transfer Officer

E-Mail: schule @prif .org