DFG Network “Territorializations of the Radical Right - Appropriations of Space and Discursive Framings”

The DFG research network “Territoria­lizations of the Radical Right – Appro­priations of Space and Discursive Framings”, situated in the Department of Human Geo­graphy at TU Dresden, has started its work on May 1, 2021. The network was initiated by Dr. Anke Schwarz (TU Dresden), Dr. Jan Simon Hutta (University of Bayreuth/TU Dresden) and Valentin Domann (HU Berlin) together with our colleague Dr. Daniel Mullis. Until 2024, 20 scientists of all academic degrees will have the oppor­tunity to produc­tively exchange and deepen their knowledge in a conti­nuous working framework.

The aim of the network is to profile research on the radical right in German-speaking Human Geography and to properly ground theore­tically research. In particular in question is the suitability of the concept of territoria­lization, as it is developed in the Romance-language tradition, for the analysis of right-wing practices. In the network, the parti­cipating scholars on the one hand will examine the practices of space appro­priation by the radical right, and on the other the territoria­lizing through discursive framings through media, academic research, and everyday narratives. The focus is on bringing together perspec­tives on the forms of contes­tation and negotiation of discourses, images, and practices as well as social and political structures. In addition, the network also turns its attention to local figu­rations during the in total six on-site meetings. Various coope­rative publi­cations are planned, as well as the processing of joint debates for the transfer of knowledge in schools and in political education.


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)