We conduct research on global political develo­pments that pose challenges to peace. Peace and conflict research is an inter­disciplinary research field that brings together expertise from the social sciences and humanities to the natural and technical sciences. We deal with pressing questions in five re­search depart­ments as well as seven re­search groups and three re­search alliances.

Research Departments

Research Groups

  • Public International Law international law instruments enhancing inter­national peace and security and law of armed conflict
  • Radicalization causes and dynamics of radi­calization processes and their effects on societies
  • Emerging Technologies effects on conflicts and the international order by technological progress
  • Terrorism actions, networks and effects of terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • African Intervention Politics inter­ventions by African regional organi­­zations
  • Regime Competition the impact of regime competition on global order, foreign policy and domestic politics
  • Biological and Chemical Weapons Control Disarmament and non-proliferation, dealing with biological and chemical security risks

Research Alliances

Research Program

An overarching, multi-year research program allows central theoretical and empirical questions to be syste­matically approached from different pers­pectives:

Since January 2018, PRIF has worked on the research program“Coercion and Peace”. In this context, the institute examines the role that the threat or app­li­cation of coercion plays in the estab­lish­ment, main­te­nance and under­mining of peace.