Francis O'Connor

The Kurdish Movement in Turkey

Between Political Differentiation and Violent Confrontation


The last years of Turkish politics have been tumul­tuous, yet the re­emer­gence of the Kurdish crisis in Turkey has not garnered much inter­national political attention. The region has returned to open war with thou­sands of casualties and mass re­pres­sion of Kurdish politicians and activists. The little infor­ma­tion, which emerges from this deeply compli­cated political environ­ment, is often confusing for inter­national audiences. This report sheds some light on the con­tem­porary Kurdish move­ment by outlining the origins and political objectives of the main actors: the insti­tutional political parties and the insurgent move­ment, the PKK.

Bibliographic record

O'Connor, Francis (2017): The Kurdish Movement in Turkey. Between Political Differentiation and Violent Confrontation, PRIF Report No. 147, Frankfurt/M.

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