Svenja Gertheiss, Stefanie Herr, Klaus Dieter Wolf, Carmen Wunderlich

Resistance and Change in World Politics

International Dissidence


This edited volume analyses different forms of resistance against inter­national institutions and charts their success or failure in changing the normative orders embodied in these institutions. Non-state groups and specific states alike advocate alternative global politics, at the same time finding themselves demonized as pariahs and outlaws who disturb established systems of governance. However, over time, some of these actors not only manage to shake off such allegations, but even find their normative convictions accepted by inter­national institutions. This book develops an innovative conceptual frame­work to understand and explain these processes, using seven cases studies in diverse policy fields; including inter­national security, health, migration, religion and internet politics. This frame­work demonstrates the importance of coalition-building and strategic framing in order to form a success­ful resistance and bring change in world politics.

Bibliographic record

Gertheiss, Svenja / Herr, Stefanie / Wolf, Klaus Dieter / Wunderlich, Carmen (eds), (2017): Resistance and Change in World Politics. International Dissidence, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan,