Rebecca Wagner

At a crossroads

Kyrgyzstan after the recent elections


Following its parliamentary elections in October 2020, Kyrgyzstan found itself facing post-election protests and a political crisis which resulted in a new political landscape. On 10 January 2021, Kyrgyz citizens voted for a new president and a fast-tracked constitutional reform to return to a presidential system. Although the protests in October 2020 resulted in political turnover, their momentum is currently being used to concentrate power in the hands of the president. Autocratic tendencies, corruption scandals, and socioeconomic grievances, which were further aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic, have marked recent developments in Kyrgyzstan.

Bibliographic record

Wagner, Rebecca (2021): At a crossroads. Kyrgyzstan after the recent elections, PRIF Spotlight 1/2021, Frankfurt/M.

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